Photograph Jaguars in the Wild

November 7 – 15, 2024

Join us on a journey to the heart of Brazil, the Pantanal. We will travel the pristine waterways in search of one of the world’s most potent cats, the jaguar! The jaguar prefers to hunt prey at the water’s edge, and it’s no coincidence that we search for powerful aquatic cats by boat! Our photographic focus will be on the king of the swamps, the jaguar, but you might wear out your shutter with the myriad of birds and mammals along the way! The Pantanal is home to an astonishing array of beautiful birds. It is said that five of the most beautiful birds in the world live in the Pantanal; fingers crossed!

We will cruise the rivers and waterways in custom boats. Our professional guides are experts at guiding you to the best spots to encounter jaguars. They are also skilled boatmen that will do their best to get the boats in the best position for us to capture images of jaguars and other wildlife. These big cats come quietly out of the jungle to quench their thirst or explosively pounce to hunt for prey, and we’ll be ready with our cameras. This small and private workshop will have private boats and vehicles used to find wildlife, allowing greater comfort and flexibility for our adventure. Traveling without the addition of extra people lets us spend more time doing what we love, photographing some of the most amazing animals on earth!

November 7 – 15, 2024
Activity Level
Moderate – Short walks and ability to board vehicles and small boats.
Your Pros
Jeff Wendorff, Randy Hanna
Group Size
Sold Out
Limited to 8 Guests