The Largest Concentration of Bald Eagles in North America

January 14 – 20, 2024

Beginning in late October, thousands of bald eagles make their way down from the Yukon and northern British Columbia. Along the way, they’ll come to nest in the scenic Fraser Valley to mate and raise their young. It is the largest bald eagle migration in North America, and an unparalleled opportunity to capture eagles feeding, constructing nests, and tending to their chicks.

While eagles will be the focus of this workshop, they are far from the only highlight. Over the years we have seen and photographed the following common species at our locations: red–tailed Hawk, grebe, common goldeneye, wood duck, sandhill crane, great blue heron, green heron, Northern pintail, short–eared owl, bufflehead, common merganser, Snow goose, trumpeter swan, mute swan, rough–legged hawk, dunlin, Anna’s hummingbird, and great horned owl. Rarer sightings include: Pacific loon, red–throated loon, belted kingfisher, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, Virginia rail, common snipe, barn owl, barred owl, saw–whet owl, canvasback, and egret.

We will will teach you everything you need for a successful bird of prey shoot, from planning and positioning, to clothing and gear. You’ll also learn proper camera handling techniques and settings for optimizing your birds–in–flight shots, as well as ways to enhance your creativity in bird photography. We know birds, bird behavior, and bird photography and we will show you how learning your subject’s habits maximizes your number of “keeper” shots!

Vancouver, British Columbia
January 14 – 20, 2024
Activity Level
Easy – You must be able to walk down and up embankments with a grade and stay on your feet for extended periods of time.
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Jeff Wendorff
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Limited to 5 Guests