Alaska Wildlife: Eagles, Whales, Sea Lions and More Aboard Luxury Yacht

March 24 – 31, 2024

Did you know that the majority of the land in Southeast Alaska lies within three miles of some of the most jaw-dropping coastline in North America? There is such an intimate relationship between land and sea in this region that the best way to see these magnificent waterways is by private yacht.

Bald eagles—some 25% of the world’s total—fish for salmon and herring along Southeast’s waterways. Bears, too, grow unusually large here on the local bounty. Humpback whales travel thousands of miles from their breeding grounds to feed in Alaska’s nutrient-rich waters, and orcas, porpoises, and otters are residents. Nearly every living thing in Southeast Alaska depends in some way—directly or indirectly—on its waterways.

Aboard the Alaskan Story, you’ll explore the islands, waterways, and quiet natural harbors around Sitka. We have scheduled our workshop for springtime, historically the best time of year to see spawning herring and the abundance of wildlife that gathers to feed on them. We hope to see eagles in great numbers, humpback whales feeding, Dall’s porpoise riding our bow, vast haulouts of Steller sea lions, and more. Although the commercial fishery has threatened the herring spawn in recent years, the region remains one of the best for witnessing an awe-inspiring natural wildlife gathering. And it’s all complemented by a jaw-dropping backdrop of mountains, forests, and even a sleeping volcano!

This is a very exclusive workshop. You’ll be joining a small group—only seven guests—of like-minded photographers and wildlife enthusiasts aboard one of the most outstanding small vessels in the region. You will learn and hone wildlife photography skills, easily capturing fast and slow-moving animals. We will work with you to make compelling compositions of the wildlife and the landscape it inhabits. We’ll have image reviews, and you will learn new techniques for post-processing in Lightroom. You’ll learn how to photograph swift eagles in flight or feeding humpbacks. We’ll teach the finer points of tracking, focusing, exposure, and composition. Expect warm hospitality, comfortable accommodations, great food, and outstanding photographic opportunities!

Our stabilized luxury yacht is quite comfortable. The staterooms have luxurious beds, down comforters and pillows, and individual temperature controls for heat. Each stateroom has a private bathroom with a shower “ensuite.” There’s a huge salon with comfortable seating, and outside, you will find ample open and covered deck space for photography. Each night we will anchor in a quiet, secluded anchorage.

The food is a highlight of every trip. Our chef selects the best available produce and often combines it with the freshest “catch of the day.” Gourmet meals can include king and silver salmon, halibut, Dungeness crab, Alaskan spotted shrimp, and fresh produce! Top the meal off with a homemade dessert prepared daily. If seafood is not your favorite, fear not, the chef will work with you to accommodate any diet.

Alaska, USA
March 24 – 31, 2024
Activity Level
Easy – You will live on a small yacht for a week. You can climb steep stairs on the boat and get in and out of the zodiac. Short hikes on land.
Your Pros
Andy Williams, Jeff Wendorff
Group Size
Limited to 7 Guests