The Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop was a grand adventure as always. As much as I personally enjoy the big cats, the canines are really remarkable and my clients made some great images. The snow just makes all of the difference in the world and we did have great snow this year. I’ve photographed at the ranch for 10 yrs now and I’ve never had better sessions with the coyotes than this year. We also photographed 5 species of foxes!

Wildlife Photography Workshop – The Canines

We had a great time with all of the wolves, foxes and coyotes this year. Some superb interaction (no injuries!) and again the snow was great!


Prints and Stock Photography

All of my work is available for purchase as a print or may be licensed for use in your publications or websites. You can see all of my wolf, fox, and coyote photography in my wildlife photography portfolio by clicking- Wild Canine Portfolio.

Future Wildlife Photography Workshops

I will be leading another Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop in January of 2015. You can see the details on the workshops page.