For the first time, I’m taking clients on a winter photography session at Triple D. It’s a time that I’ve always gone without clients, but this year you’re invited to come along too. Well not all of you, only 6 of you! In the winter small groups are much better and so, I’m making this one small and only bringing 6 clients.

There are no bad times to photograph at Triple D, but winter is special. The animals have great thick fur coats and they love to romp in the snow! You’ll come back from this one with amazing shots from a winter wonderland in Montana.

The complete details are on my wildlife workshops website…HERE.

Here are a few images to give you a taste of what to expect. I’ve taken a lot of images there over the years and love going there. If it is a mammal and it is in the snow, I likely photographed it on one of my workshops. You can browse the images…HERE.