I am about to fill the second wildlife photography workshop January 13-18, 2013…only 2 spaces left! It is a glorious time of the year to photograph at the ranch and if all goes as predicted this will be another spectacular workshop. Why you ask? The amazing group of animals that were born this year will be seeing their first winter snow, they’ll have thick fur and will be running and romping through the (hopefully) huge snow drifts. Snow Leopard, Amur Leopard and Mt. Lion cubs running in the snow! I suggest you hurry to get a spot for the workshop today!

In case you forgot what the Snow Leopard looks like…and she will be even more adorable in the snow.

Or perhaps the Amur!
If that doesn’t convince you it will be awesome, I am not sure what to do except perhaps call a crash cart!
Don’t let this one get away, sign up today! Go ahead – CLICK THAT BUTTON!