Wildlife Photography is one of the reasons a lot of us own a camera. Being able to photograph an Amur Leopard is nearly impossible for most photographers because they are so rare and elusive. The Amur Leopard is an incredible animal and we were incredibly excited about the opportunity to photograph this great cat on my last photography workshop in California. Since the Amur Leopard is the most endangered big cat in the world it was even more incredible. They estimate that no more than 40 of these cats live in the wild and perhaps another 400 in captivity. So it was a rare treat indeed!

Leopard Facts and Collective Noun

Leopards are not frequently found in cold, high altitude regions, but the Amur leopards are an exception. Their habitat spans the temperate, broad leaf forests and cold winters of the Russian Far East. They are sparsely distributed across Russia, China and possibly, Korea.

  • A male Amur leopard weighs about 70-105 lbs (32-48 kg). Exceptionally large males can weigh in the range of 132-165 lbs (75 kg). The females being smaller than the males, weigh about 55-95 lbs (25-43 kg).
  • can run at a speed of 37 miles per hour
  • can jump 10 feet high vertically and 20 feet horizontally and are very good at climbing trees
  • Amur Leopard is also known as the Far East Leopard, Manchurian Leopard or the Korean Leopard

I’ve only found one collective noun for the leopard, a leap or lepe as it is sometimes spelled. I think a Rosette ( another name for their spots) would be a much better choice! Your thoughts?

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