I’ve now completed two books using Artisan State and the compliments are overwhelmingly positive. The quality of the book is out of this world and from what I’ve been able to find also quite unique. I love both of those things! I am a professional photographer and I want to display my work in the best possible manner, that’s why I’ve been using Artisan State.

Things I Love About Artisan State Books

  • they lat flat with 100% flush mounting
  • double page panoramic books
  • metallic print
  • true library style binding
  • rigid pages
  • stain resistance

I have my books out on coffee tables in several waiting rooms and after several months and literally hundreds of hands thumbing through the books, they still look like new. Since these are marketing my product, this is huge!

You can of course buy less expensive as well as “cheaper” books, but if you are looking for the best, I would recommend Artisan State.

By the way my original review of the Artisan State process is…HERE.

Lot’s of people have been asking me to buy a copy of the books. So, I have decided to make them available for purchase.

Spring Wildlife 2014 Photography Book

The Spring Wildlife 2014 book is 26 pages and is $125. If you would like to have it signed it’s and additional $15 for shipping.

Winter Wildlife 2014 Photography Book

The Winter Wildlife 2014 Photography Book is 20 pages and is $100. If you would like to have it signed it’s $15 more for shipping.

Order a Book

I don’t have a shopping cart system on this website, but you can email me and then we can figure out how you would like to pay and all of that sort of thing, The easiest is for you to send me an EMAIL.