Longhorn cow leaping in the air with spit flying - Jeff Wendorff PhotographerWhile I was on my last photography workshop for PAW, we were photographing the cowboys rounding up a herd of longhorn cattle. It really was amazing to watch and photograph, I’ll have several more series of images from that session online soon.

Anyway, while the cattle were walking along a small dam this gal just got all excited and started prancing and jumping, fortunately, I was watching and kept my finger on the shutter release! I could not believe she got airborne and I could not imagine the amount of cow slobber flying on the air for soooo long. Then when I started to write this I looked at the time stamps and the entire sequence took 3 seconds! No wonder the cow spit flew for what seemed like forever. The photography lesson – keep watching and keep your finger on the shutter during these controlled, but unpredictable photo workshops!

The map will give you an idea about where our shoot was located. The land is not normally open to the public and is private property.

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