House Sparrow in a pansy field - Jeff Wendorff Photographer

House Sparrow and Pansys

One of the my secret locations to photograph is Busch Gardens in Tampa. I do occasionally shoot their captive wildlife, but it is usually the freeloading birds that get caught in my lens. With all of the free food available throughout the park there hundreds of potential subjects. You just have to keep working to get the right backgrounds!

The House Sparrow has to be one of the most drab birds ever, but when you get a shockingly pretty background, well they aren’t quite so boring.

My favorite haunt is shooting at the hippo pool. Being able to press my lens flat to the glass and waiting for the birds to swim by you gives you incredible in your face “eyeball to eyeball” shots without the wet suit. Imagine my delight when I found that a pair of Mottle Ducks had hatched quite the raft of ducklings!

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