My husband and I took Jeff’s Kenya Workshop in February 2020 and we cannot imagine a better leader and safari. Jeff is personable, knowledgeable, intuitive and downright funny. He has been visiting Kenya long enough that the agenda is fine tuned as to which camps, guides, vehicles & drivers we use, as well as knowing the optimum timing for the trip. The locations of our three awesome tented camps gave us an interesting variety of ecosystems and wildlife. Most of our game drives were in conservancies which means less crowds and the ability to drive off the trails to get close to the wildlife. Jeff and our Maasai guides were well versed on all the local flora and fauna and knew the history and personal stories on several of the individual animals and lion prides that we saw. Jeff is very observant and will casually offer suggestions like “be mindful of your background” when you are too darn excited to notice; and when asked a question, he will answer to any depth you require or want, including knowing most camera systems. He only takes a maximum of 6 participants so with 2 safari vehicles there was the ability to move from one side of the vehicle to the other to shoot moving wildlife, as well as ample room to store camera gear. We are now planning to sign up for another trip with Jeff. I would even do the same one again! And then there is that Juju Jacket….pure magic.