I’ve been a fan of Luminar/MacPhun since they got started. Their products work, and they are easy to master. They have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the photo editing process. So far, I am impressed with the effort. It does not work as expected every time, but wow, when it does work, it’s incredible!

Replacing the Sky in Photoshop or any editing app for that matter without a plugin is labor-intensive and time-consuming. UGH! I have never had a simpler time than the power that Luminar 4 brings to the photo editing task. Check out the video. I have not done a video in a while, and my commentary could be more refined! :-)

How Does the Sky Replacement Tool Work

I started to write about this, and while the text would not have had any “umms,” it was easier to show you than to tell you!

Sky Replacement Tool Sample Images

Leopard Up A Tree

The original was not a total loss, and it had some blue sky. After Luminar, it’s more dramatic, but it also feels hectic. I included the photo because I wanted you to see how well the Sky Replacement Tool works on a complex background.

Sunburst in Vermont

I think the sky replacement tool made this image a lot more dramatic. I did play with the mask a little to clean up around the sun.

Vulture Landing at Sunset

The vulture was landing at sunset in real life, and I think that helped make this work. This image is very theatrical now.

Bugaboo Mountains

I don’t know if it is even possible to see the Milky Way at that position in winter, but I love this look. I think it’s a much sexier image.

Houndstooth Spire Bugaboo Mountains

I think the Milky Way effect over the spire was also very effective and realistic.

Magpie Shrike

I think that this one is the most striking and very painterly!

Sky Replacement Tool First Impressions

It’s a great tool to have in your editing arsenal. When it works, it is a fantastic tool and a worthwhile time saver. I wonder how it will hold up over time.

The other thing is that I have real heartburn about this kind of digital manipulation. It becomes art and, for me, is no longer a photograph. I write disclaimers about what I did to make that particular piece of photo art. I don’t even show these manipulated images on the same part of my website as photographs.

Lastly, there are lots of sky images to use with the app, which is excellent. It’s also super easy to use your own. The downside is that I don’t think I would use the same background on more than one image, so you’ll either need to buy more from Skylum or shoot them for your self.

I paid for my version of this software, but I may receive compensation for products purchased from links on my website.

What do you think about the Sky Replacement tool? Leave me a comment, let’s talk about it!