There does not seem to be an acceptable collective noun for a mixed group of shorebirds and so I’ve decided that it should be a beach of shorebirds. I had a great time on High Island and that included a trip down Highway 87 to Rollover Island. It was very popular with local fisherman and the shorebirds.

I was with my pal John Cornell and while we didn’t find any rarities, we got a few species for the portfolio.

If you’d like to order prints and/or see more of my bird photography, you can do that…HERE.

One thing that you will notice in the gallery is that I took the time to photograph other parts of the beach. Eventually when I put this together as a collection of images, having these “extra” images will greatly enhance the story that you are telling…

Here is a map of the area showing you where I made these images.

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Leave me a comment if you have a better collective noun for a group of shorebirds! Or just to say, Hi…