During my Vermont workshop we had a great treat to have access to this great looking horse as well as expert horse photography guidance from Lisa Cueman, horse photographer extraordinaire. Don’t believe me? Check out her horses…HERE.

Riva was very fun to photograph and with the help of her owner, Claire Beck, and breeder, Hallie Goetz, we got some great shots. Not as nice as Lisa’s, but then nobody is better than Lisa…

Riva is a Shagya-Arabian horse. The Shagya-Arabian is not an Arabian, but is its own separate breed of Arabian-bred horse developed over 200 years ago on the military stud farms of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy such as Radautz in Romania and Bábolna in Hungary. You can learn all you need to know about them on Hallie’s site…HERE.

Our workshop got to visit the farm where Riva lives and even though they are very nice, it is private property. So please don’t go visit Riva without me!

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