Two Things You Wanted to Know about Jeff

and a Bunch of Other Things!

I love photography and showing people amazing things.
I shoot Nikon, but I speak Canon, Sony, Swahili, and iPhone.
I have skills in the kitchen; in college, I cooked lunch and dinner for 100 guys.
I have better skills behind the bar.
My best skills are with a camera.
I’ve had almost every Nikon since the D100.
I like love to travel.

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Countries Visited

I was a cell phone developer before I was a photographer.
I sold VCRs to Mr. T…google him!
I don’t ever believe my next adventure is my last adventure!
I like Cats, not Dogs, and Mary Ann, not Ginger.
Music is a constant in my life, but I can’t play or even whistle.

Old School Fav: It Had To Be You – Harry Connick Version
Obscure Fav: Old MacDonald – Fran Sinatra Version
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I enjoy bird photography a lot!

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I’ve had my images published in Birder’s World, Arizona Highways and more.
Guilty Pleasure – Peeps
I suck at “time math”, seriously!
I’m a tech nerd, there are 57 devices on my wifi.
I’m inspired to create images that Robert Bateman might paint.
I want to improve my macro and astro work.

Circa 2001
Circa 2001
Sundowner time on my 2nd Safari at Jaci’s in Madikwe., South Africa.
Circa 2015
Circa 2015
I was so invisible in my camo coat, that a Pygmy Owl landed on my arm for a photo opportunity.
Circa 2017
Circa 2017
I am like Dr. Doolittle, everybody wants to come say hello! Stanley’s Camp Elephant Experience!
Circa 2020
Circa 2020
I was in Uganda scouting a new workshop and I had to hike Murchison Falls to see that beast. The worlds most powerful falls and the headwaters of the River Nile.