Two Things You Wanted to Know about Jeff

and a Bunch of Other Things!

I love photography and showing people amazing things.
I shoot Nikon, but I speak Canon, Sony, Swahili, and iPhone.
I have skills in the kitchen; in college, I cooked lunch and dinner for 100 guys.
I have better skills behind the bar.
My best skills are with a camera.
I’ve had almost every Nikon since the D100.
I like love to travel.

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Countries Visited

I was a cell phone developer before I was a photographer.
I sold VCRs to Mr. T…google him!
I don’t ever believe my next adventure is my last adventure!
I like Cats, not Dogs, and Mary Ann, not Ginger.
Music is a constant in my life, but I can’t play or even whistle.

Old School Fav: It Had To Be You – Harry Connick Version
Obscure Fav: Old MacDonald – Fran Sinatra Version
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I enjoy bird photography a lot!

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I’ve had my images published in Birder’s World, Arizona Highways and more.
Guilty Pleasure – Peeps
I suck at “time math”, seriously!
I’m a tech nerd, there are 57 devices on my wifi.
I’m inspired to create images that Robert Bateman might paint.
I want to improve my macro and astro work.

Circa 2001
Circa 2001
Sundowner time on my 2nd Safari at Jaci’s in Madikwe., South Africa.
Circa 2015
Circa 2015
I was so invisible in my camo coat, that a Pygmy Owl landed on my arm for a photo opportunity.
Circa 2017
Circa 2017
I am like Dr. Doolittle, everybody wants to come say hello! Stanley’s Camp Elephant Experience!
Circa 2020
Circa 2020
I was in Uganda scouting a new workshop and I had to hike Murchison Falls to see that beast. The worlds most powerful falls and the headwaters of the River Nile.

Featured Photography Adventure

Kenya Photography Safari

Africa, what a place, I’ve visited 20 times now. Last year I spent more days in Africa than I did in my apartment, and she never disappoints. If you are like me; you grew up watching Tarzan, loved the circus and the zoo, Marlin Perkins was a hero, Hatari was an incredible movie, and you dreamt of being in Africa. I can assure you that the real thing is even more amazing than you have imagined. I love this Kenya Safari! I’ve done this exact safari 4 times and can’t wait to share that with you! Once you experience a Kenya Safari, you will love it too! And of course, You Will Be Amazed!

I am so excited to be going back for a Kenya Safari in the “green” season. It is the most beautiful time of the year, and the plains are a verdant green and not the browns of fall. We will visit the stunning Amboseli National Park, and if the “shy mountain” Kilimanjaro allows, we’ll see vast herds of elephants along with that iconic peak. From there we continue our safari and explore the fabulous Masai Mara National Park. We’ll be looking for the Big Five (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and buffalo) and everything in between. And those are just the highlights!

Kenya Photo Safari Testimonials

Clients on my Workshops

I always try to make sure that my clients are well-fed, hydrated, having fun, close, safe, and create the best images they possibly can!