I’ve photographed a lot of Raccoons, but I never met one like this. What a personality and so fun to photograph. I feel like I say that a lot! Well, this young raccoon is way fun! Did I mention cute too? At Wildlife Workshops we get to photograph raccoons in lots of cool locations and in perfect conditions. I’m personally looking forward to seeing her in the snow!

Fun and Possibly Interesting Raccoon Facts

  • scientific name, Procyon lotor, means “washer dog”
  • common name, raccoon is derived from the Algonquin Indian word “arakun” means “he scratches with hands”
  • 20 times more raccoons in cities than in rural areas
  • they have 51 vocalizations
  • babies are called kits
  • they are smarter than cats and just below monkeys
  • can rotate their rear feet 180° to help climb downwards
  • can run 15 mph (24 kph)
  • 1st person to write about raccoons was Christopher Columbus
  • length 23.75 to 37.5 in (60 to 95 cm) and weight 4 to 23 lbs (1.8 to 10.4 kg)

Wow that’s a lot of cool things and I didn’t know most of those things… However the important thing is what the heck is a group of Raccoons called? The collective nouns for the Raccoons are a gaze, a nursery and of course a mask! I was thinking about their dexterity and I think that a hand would make a good collective noun for the nimble Raccoon. Thoughts?

Raccoon Photo Gallery

Young Raccoon in a hollow log photographed by JeffWendorff

Young Raccoon in a hollow log

Young raccoon in a hollow log with wildlflowers photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Young raccoon in a hollow log with wildlflowers

Young Raccoon walking on a mossy log photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Young Raccoon walking on a mossy log

Raccoon hunting for food in a pond photographed bY Jeff Wendorff

Raccoon hunting for food in a pond

Raccoon Photography Portfolio

Like I said I have photographed a lot of Raccoons and you can see them for yourself in my online portfolio. While you are browsing feel free to order a print of your favorite or if you need an image for your project we can talk about free and or paid licensing. You can do all of those and things and many more by clicking…HERE.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

If you’d like to add some rock star Raccoon images to your portfolio you should for sure loin one of my workshops! You’ll have some fun, learn some photography and make some killer images. Sound like a plan? Well head over to my Wildlife, Nature and Creative Photography Workshops website…HERE.

Collective Noun Book

This is a great book about collective nouns. Check it out on Amazon.