A collective noun within an alliteration! Word geekdom taken to new heights or lows depending on your perspective! The point is I love elephants and spending time with wild elephants pretty much pegs the awesome meter at full tilt.

I’ve been working on some older images and many of them I have not seen in a decade. New software and a better eye has let me mine a few nuggets while scanning and scanning and scanning…ick. At the end of the day, getting images that I can use, that i didn’t know I had…priceless. I’ve also found a few minutes of video (hand-held so be kind) including a “fun” charging elephant. The charging elephant was not intent on doing us harm, but the guides instruction to the driver do give it some urgency! I’ve never had the computer horsepower or the software skills to create something like this before now and so nobody has ever seen me being charged by the elephant!

Ngiyakuthanda ngempela means “do you like it” in Zulu…Let me know!

I am not going to add the map this time but the majority of the images were taken in Botswana and the rest were in South Africa and Zimbabwe. If you are curious just ask.