This will be my 8th winter at the ranch with clients and it is a really special time. The animals are at their finest with thick winter coats and with a snowy environment as a setting it is really quite dramatic. The animals love to romp in the snow! You’ll come back from this one with amazing shots from a winter wonderland in Montana.

Without doubt this is the best if not the only time to photograph their Snow Leopard, truly amazing! Then of course there is the tiger! Oh and the Amur Leopard! I could go on and on with the amazing list of models at our disposal. I know most people love the big cats during these workshops, but the little animals like fishers, martens and fox are just great in the snow as well.

Workshop Overview

  • Winter wonderland with amazing animals
  • 8 Species of Wildlife
  • Classroom: Image Critiques, Digital Workflow and more
  • Personal Attention from Instructor

About the Workshop

We will be up and photographing as the weather and light dictate. After our days planned photography is complete we will return to the Holiday Inn for classroom work. We’ll review the days photos and I’ll give you some advice on ways to improve. We’ll work on principles of composition and digital workflow. The class will be small so there is plenty of opportunity for me to help each of you with your individual needs.

I’ve scheduled my workshop to sit next to one of Triple D’s most popular events, their winter Western Horse session. If you do sign up for the Horse Roundup and you should, I will also be there to help you with your photography, but we will not have classroom sessions on those days.

There will be an opportunity to photograph some incredible birds of prey form a local rehab center. The birds are not releasable and have become animal ambassadors and are used to teach kids of all ages about conservation. We will pose these great birds in perfect light on perfect perches for perfect photography.

Learn More at Wildlife Workshops

I have a website that is the home for my Wildlife, Nature and Creative Photography Workshops and you can find the full details for this Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop in Montana as well as all of my offerings over there. I hope you find something that suits your photography passions!

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Leaping Mt. Lion - Winter Wildlife Workshop by Jeff Wendorff

Leaping Mt. Lion – Winter Wildlife Workshop