Whales and More has such a nice ring to it! I love whale watching and I obviously love photography and I’ve been trying to put these together for a while now. It took a while to find what I think may be the perfect photography tour for whales. I’m sure you all be bummed that you’re going to have to go to Hawaii in February to join in on the fun! This trip will be more than just photographing the humpbacks, we’ll see all sorts of marine animals, shipwrecks, rugged coastlines, and even spend some time snorkeling (not with whales) so get ready for a great photography tour….Whales and More in Maui

Workshop Overview

  • Private Charter
  • 5 days on the water
  • Shooting with a pro to guide your photo sessions
  • Based in Lahaina on Maui in Hawaii

About the Workshop

Over 10,000 whales make an annual trip to the Hawaiian Islands, but at any one time there are somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 (at peak) in Hawaii, due to the coming and going. In February they are at their highest density and so we are going in February! :-)

One of the special and unique trips that we’ll take is spending a day exploring the coast of Lana’i. Here we expect to have close encounters with dolphins and perhaps sea turtles. We will be spending the day and have some spots lined up where we will be able to snorkel and explore the beach. There are shipwrecks and other cool things to photograph while we are there.

We’ll have 5 days of photography on a private charter boat cruising the waters between Maui and Lanai. You’ll have 2 professional photographers on hand to help you get the shots. Our boat is designed to hold 22 passengers, but we are only taking 10 so that everyone has space to photograph. The small number of guests means that you’ll get lots of one one personal attention. The boat is not your typical tour vessel that sits 10 feet above the water, we’ll be on zodiac style boat, so you’ll be right down at eye level. At 30 ft she’s very stable in the water and so we should have a smooth ride too!

That she blows…February 15, 2016 in Hawaii

Learn More at Wildlife Workshops

I have a website that is the home for my Wildlife, Nature and Creative Photography Workshops and you can find the full details for this Whales and More Photography Workshop in Maui as well as all of my offerings over there. I hope you find something that suits your photography passions!

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Humpback whales up for air Whales and More Photography Workshop Maui by Jeff Wendorff

Up close with the whales!