I know, I know…I was photographing something that didn’t have a heartbeat. But, I had to do it! I was in Texas trying to photograph the bird migration, but I was a bit early and I finished up what I could do and was not ready to drive back home. Texas has had a ton of rain this spring and so I figured the famous Texas wildflowers would be outstanding this year…I was right!

I drove the back roads between Houston and Austin looking for flowers and was amazed by the carpets of flowers. I am sure that the heart if wildflower country around Fredericksburg was spectacular, I really didn’t have time to go that far, but I was pleased with what I found.

I used a combination of gear to create the images. You need a wide-angle for the grand vista images and then a telephoto lens to pick out the more intimate shots.  A fast (2.8) lens will let you control the depth of field and isolate flowers from the background for that dreamy creamy smooth background.

You can see more of my flowers and order prints…HERE.

You can see where I found the flowers on this map. Everything was easily accessible from “safe” to pull off of the road areas.

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