I’ve been playing around a lot lately photographing my favorite city…well my current favorite anyway, New Orleans. It is such a fun place to live and photograph and the subjects are really never ending.

I was out early one morning hoping for a moonset shot at Jackson Square, it didn’t happen, but I did make the feature shot for this post of the out of focus traffic. Most folks in New Orleans have an out of focus morning and so I thought this was an appropriate image!

I love photographing the cool architecture in the French Quarter. New Orleans is a very festive place and the residents live that way 24/7. It is most evident in the colorful ways people paint their doors. Like this one!

Green Door and Plant

I’ve put up a small gallery of more doors from the French Quarter…HERE.

Of course, they windows are not overlooked when it comes to adding a dash of color!

French Quarter colorful windows photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Blue Shutters

There is another gallery for the French Quarter windows…HERE.

You can see all of my New Orleans images and order prints…HERE.

Have a tip for a great bit of architecture that really needs to be photographed? Leave me a comment!