Alaska was the 49th state for me to visit and I did it proud by taking a small ship cruise that allowed great access for photographing Glacier Bay. The boat was the 96′ (needs to be 100′ to be called a ship) Sea Wolf and she’s a gorgeous wooden ship from the 1940s. Elegant, classy and comfortable all come to mind! The crew was awesome and that really made my trip wonderful.

I really didn’t know much about the area at all, but I was totally shocked that about 200 yrs ago Glacier Bay was really all ice and no water! Today it’s full of amazing wildlife and a beautiful rain forest and photographing Glacier Bay is quite spectacular. We explored the national park by boat, by kayak, by zodiac and on foot. Led by our totally amzing naturalist Kimber, we saw all of the big predators like bears, wolves and sea lions. We also saw ice! Like the mile wide Margerie Glacier!. Then there was all of the stuff in between like many of the 240 species of birds and a really cool low tide view of a vertical tidal pool with sun stars and urchins and and and! Needless to say there was a lot to see and photographing Glacier Bay was a full time activity by itself!

Photographing Glacier Bay Alaska – Photo Gallery

Photographing Glacier Bay Alaska – Margerie Glacier

I took quite a few images of this awesome glacier and I also took a series of images to create a panoramic image of the entire mile wide pile of ice. Well the outcome of that is rather awesome and at 140 inches wide a rather epic image. I am sure you’ll have to do some scrolling of this beast!

Photographing Glacier Bay Alaska - Margerie Glacier Panorama photographed and created by Jeff Wendorff

Margerie Glacier Panorama – Glacier Bay Alaska

Photographing Glacier Bay Alaska – Sea Wolf Adventures

I loved everything about the cruise aboard the Sea Wolf. They are a premium cruise, but worth every cent. I am pretty picky about things and I really could not name a single fault. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve already rebooked my trip for next fall! That should tell you a lot!

Check them out for yourselves…HERE.