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Rows of Lavender Provence Lavender Photo Workshop

Best Provence Lavender and Landscapes Photography Workshop

By late June, most Lavender in Provence is in bloom. The summer months in Provence are painted in the rich palettes of blooming lavender and sunflowers. Together we will meander through the aromas and visit many small castle-like towns, intimate alleys, and endless fields of color. We’ll pay special attention to the landscapes of the Valensole plateau, with its beautiful lavender blooms. This is the same area that inspired Van Gogh and Picasso, so we will use their masterpieces as our photography inspiration.

You can expect inspiration and composition suggestions in the field and help process your images when not photographing. We have also added special events of culture to this trip. We will be bringing along a model one day to create unique photographs with a human element.

Sunkissed days in Provence, walking in the footprints of Van Gogh as the aroma of lavender envelops you as you photograph one of the most spectacular landscapes in France. If that sets your mind ablaze with visions of photos to come, register now!

  • 7 Nights and 8 Days

  • Small-Group – 8 Clients

  • 2 Professional Instructors

  • All Inclusive

  • Difficulty – Easy, but the food may wreck your diet!

Lavener Field Provence Lavender Photo Workshop
Foggy Valley Provence Lavender Photography Workshop


July 2-9, 2023


Avignon, France


$5895 – Double Occupancy

$6395 – Single Occupancy


Flowers, Landscapes, Architecture, Markets, Culture

Email me if you have a question or if you need some help. Or to just say hi!

Today you will arrive in Marseilles. You will be met at a specified time where you will be picked up and taken to Avignon for our first night together in France. We will grab an early dinner and then head out to photograph the first lavender field of the trip as the sun descends over the sea of lavender.

We are going to focus on three areas in the south of France during this trip. The Valensole Plateau, the Luberon Valley and the Plateau de Sault. It’s hard to tell you the exact locations because the lavender bloom is different each year in these locations. To help maximize our time with the best fields we will be visiting all of the locations prior to your arrival to make sure our time together is a success. Rest assured, our time together will see us photographing the best castles, stone homes, and sunflower and lavender fields during our time together.

The Valensole Plateau creates the most popular Provence lavender route. Some of the most amazing lavender farms in Provence can be found here among the fields of golden wheat and full-faced sunflowers. And it’s the birthplace of many an iconic photo of Provence lavender.

The Luberon Valley is a place where hilltop villages collide with dramatic scenery and history is ingrained in its soul. A place to go for a drive through whimsical roads, a walk through fragrant foliage, or to explore the cobbled lanes and advantageous views of its villages. The Luberon is an artist’s earthy-toned palate. It’s where fiery red canyons slice through a dark green forest. Where serrated hills meet preened vineyards. And golden stones create both ancient conical houses and modern-day mansions. In essence, it’s the perfect place to get acquainted with the ‘real’ Provence.

The road leading to Sault offers views over a plateau covered with lavender. It’s here that you realize the immense scale of lavender production in this area of Provence.

The towns you can expect to see are Gordes, Valensole, Avignon, and many other intimate small towns along our travels.

During the midday sun on one of these days, we will visit a vineyard for a wine tasting tour. We will be guided by our private wine expert, learning about the characteristics of the terroir and the winemaking process while visiting the cellars. We will enjoy a private visit and sample a selection of different wines at each winery. This will be a private tour, ensuring you personalized attention from our knowledgeable wine guide.

It’s an early morning today. Today we will spend a day with a french chef at his beautiful estate and kitchen. When we arrive we will be welcomed with a morning coffee with homemade cakes giving participants an opportunity to get to know our chef and get introduced to the menus. Together we will visit a local market and shop local, seasonal, and mainly organic foods where local farmers sell their products all year long. Then it’s time to put on our aprons and get ready to cook 3-course menus under the instructions of our talented chef. Once our meals are complete, you will share your preparations around the table with our chef and his wife, while enjoying our scenic Provencal view overlooking the Luberon mountains in the heart of Provence. – Keep your cameras and smartphones handy. You are going to want to get photos of you cooking your meals, and your fantastic dishes to show everyone back home what you created.

After dinner, we will stop at one last lavender field to photograph the early evening light on the way back to our hotel. Together we can kick our feet up over a glass of wine and read all the wonderful recipes that the group created today.

You can schedule your flights home today. But don’t let us stop you. If you want to explore more of France, please do not hesitate to ask for suggestions on what else you can do in France in July.

We will be staying in a “chic modern” boutique hotel in the 15th AR, With thousands of reviews above 4 stars, its quite nice and convenient to much of out photography. It’s only 20 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. On my last trip, I had no compalints. I like that it only has 40 rooms and old school service. Oh and an elevator!

They do offer airport pickups for a fee, book that directly.

Free WiFi

Inclusions: Transportation during the workshop, Model for one day, Cooking class and wine tour, Double occupancy, (single available), Water and snacks in the vehicle, Photography guidance, and lots of laughs.

Exclusions: Your transportation to and from Marseilles airport, Meals, and any lodging before or after the workshop dates. Medical evacuation insurance (required), travel medical, and trip cancellation insurance (optional). Alcoholic beverages, items of a personal nature. Anything specifically not mentioned as included.

The South of France Photo Workshop offers the photographer a vast diversity of subject matter to photograph. Because of this, you can expect to learn a variety of techniques:
1– Photo stacking both in your camera and in post-processing.
2– How to compose landscape photos to create more impactful images.
3– How to photograph difficult exposure situations.
4– Photographing with black and white conversions in mind.
5– We will teach you our five proven tips to take environmental portraits of people that create an impactful connection with your human subject matter.
6– We will teach you night sky photography techniques.
7– You will learn macro photography techniques.
8– We will pay particular attention to depth of field, and how this can impact your landscape images.
9– Before our workshop begins we will teach you our proven method of preparing for your workshop so you will confidently approach every situation we will encounter on our workshop.
10– 10 step Lightroom editing tips that will make your images better.

Check back later, it’s way too soon to tell you what to expect.

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Based on my client’s experience, I cannot stress more strongly how crucial it is to purchase travel insurance. Like I said before, and here it comes again, there is never a way to predict what is going to happen when you are booking trips months and years into the future.

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The Lavender and Landscapes Photography Workshop is $5895 and that allows you to bring your significant other. They can come to the photography sessions if they wish or go off on their own. We can help point them to interesting sites. as well.


A deposit of $1000 will reserve your spot. Balance due April 4, 2023.

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