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Paris Opera Paris Street Photography Workshop

Best Paris Street Photography Workshop

I’ve spent a lot of time visiting and photographing Paris. After the first half dozen times, I started to look beyond the oh my goodness, that’s the Eiffel Tower, for the smaller photography opportunities. I’ve found many hidden locations that you might overlook or not bother to photograph without our help. I’ve also worked to find unique vantage points of the iconic places, so your photos will stand out from the crowd. We have tried to think of ways to make it instructional but allow you time to enjoy all that the city offers. We have quite a few ideas for events to keep everyone happy and ensure we have fun. Here is a tidbit, we will photograph a French Chef creating a fantastic meal that we will then consume and take selfies of to send home! We’ve made some Parisian friends, and one happens to be a model, and she will tag along to provide some much-needed life or, as they say in Paris, Oh La La to our images! By the way, I’ve never heard an actual Parisian say Oh La La, so let’s keep that in our group!

We also invite you to bring along a non-photographer plus one to enjoy Paris with you. Ask us about the details.

If you have never seen the city of lights, you should join this Paris Street Photography Workshop. You’ll get some unusual images to go along with the iconic Paris photos. If you have been to Paris but did not go with us, then you need to come along to add some new images for your portfolio.

  • 6 Nights and 7 Days

  • Small-Group – 8 Clients

  • 2 Professional Instructors

  • Includes lodging and some meals

  • Difficulty – Easy, but there is a lot of walking

Louvre at Night Paris Street Photography Workshop
Traffic Eifflel Tower Night Paris Street Photography Workshop

June 24-30, 2023


Paris, France




Street Photography, Monuments, Abstracts, Night Photography

When you land in Paris make your way to the hotel. I typically prefer to take an Uber. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French your driver will be able to get you there. I also write down the address on a card, so there is no chance of confusion.

Spend the day as you wish and then meet us in the hotel’s lobby at 5:00 pm.

This evening we cruise the famed River Seine aboard a riverboat that will traverse the calm waters with night views of Paris as a backdrop. Dinner will be included on this cruise, and the myriad photo opportunities are the cherry on top.

We disembark the cruise and make our way to the icon of all icons in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. Kevin and I will show you our favorite spots and help you set up your gear to take stunning photos of the tower and perhaps a carousel!

Today, we go medieval on or rather under Paris with a trek through the Catacombs. The Catacombs were begun in 1810, and millions of plague victims were entombed here to prevent the spread. It’s an eerie place, but it does provide some unique imagery. Jeff does not like being underground, and any like-minded souls can join Jeff on a jaunt to a nearby bistro for a nice Bordeaux!

We’ll continue our underground photography by riding the rails of the Metro. Paris Metro is a unique blend of modern and Victorian times with a splash of street art and street people, plus we don’t have to walk! We’ve been to the majority of the 300 stations and have chosen our favorites for our photography.

Today, it’s all about the streets and museums. You will be busy exploring the street scenes on the Champs-Elysées with their over-the-top window displays, the massive clock faces at the Musee d’Orsay, and a visit to the Louvre. And yes, you can take a selfie with Mona if you would like to. After dinner, we will spend the evening photographing the Louvre and adjacent street scenes. We will have a model with us today to bring the essential human element to some of the images we capture.

Today we will photograph our absolute favorite photoshoot of the trip, the Paris Opera House, Palais Garnier. This gilt-covered masterpiece was built by Louis XIV in 1669, and it is stunning.

After lunch, we will re-group at the hotel to review the images we have made and make sure all is going well.

Our next stop is the kitchen! Wait what? Yes, we have arranged a tour with a French chef who will show us his chops. Walking the markets with the chef, you will get a feel for Parisian life and discover their love of food is an actual thing. After the market, we will get hands-on with a cooking class! It’s also really, umm, tasty photography.

Today, we photograph the bohemian district of Paris, Montmarte. From the most famous Windmill in the world at the Moulin Rouge to the iconic basilica of Sacre Coeur, we take quite a leap through time and morality. There are cobblestone streets and lovely open-air markets. If you get a sweet tooth, make sure to ask Jeff about the place with the best macarons in the city.

We will have dinner in Montmartre and then set out for some more night images.

We’ve saved the best Eiffel Tower photography for early this morning…very early, like sunrise early. Getting up early gets us there before most tourists are awake. With our help and our model friend’s help, create unique images of the tower.

We’ll show you some picturesque gardens and architecture before heading back for one final image critique session.

Following dinner, we can revisit a few of the areas we captured this week for the last evening shoot.

Flights home can be made for any time today

We will be staying in a “chic modern” boutique hotel in the 15th AR, With thousands of reviews above 4 stars, its quite nice and convenient to much of out photography. It’s only 20 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. On my last trip, I had no compalints. I like that it only has 40 rooms and old school service. Oh and an elevator!

They do offer airport pickups for a fee, book that directly.

Free WiFi

Inclusions: Single accommodation, entrance fees, first dinner aboard the boat, cooking class, transportation during the workshop

Exclusions: Most meals are not included, items of personal nature, accommodation before and after the workshop, taxi ride to and from the airport, laundry, travel insurance.

I will share the kind of wildlife photography that comes from years of practice and experience. With approximately 600 game drives in Africa under my belt, rest assured I can help you make images you’ll be proud of. You will learn about planning shots, reading the light and making the correct camera adjustments, and wildlife photography techniques. I will share my post processing work flow and help you create a workflow that is best suited to your needs.

My goal is to not merely setup your camera for you, but to give you the knowledge so that you can get the same results at home.

The tour size is limited to 6 photographers so you can count on minimal interruption from too many tripods and so you can get a ton of one on one attention and education.

What Should I Bring?
  • You’ll need at least one SLR or mirrorless camera, ideally two to give you the opportunity to shoot with multiple lenses simultaneously, and also as a backup
  • Lenses from wide-angle up to around 400mm for the mammals (or the 35mm equivalent). I highly recommend one of the variety of 150-600mm lenses. I have use the Sigma Contemporary version for years.
  • Tripods are not advised, we can use bean bags (provided) for support in the vehicles.
  • Lots’s of cards and or a way to download the cards.

It’s almost impossible to list everything that you’ll need, you will be sent some recommendations and then this will be covered again before your trip on a one on one phone discussion we will have with you.

I wrote this blog post about what to pack for safari.

At any point feel free to reach out and help you sort our the best kit for the safari.

Check back later, it’s way too soon to tell you what to expect.

I’ve been very passively advising my clients to purchase travel insurance for a while, but lately it seems like there have been multiple people having travel issues. Some have lost their deposits and sometimes even the cost of the entire trip!

Based on my client’s experience, I cannot stress more strongly how crucial it is to purchase travel insurance. Like I said before, and here it comes again, there is never a way to predict what is going to happen when you are booking trips months and years into the future.

You can read more about my thoughts about the importance of travel insurance in this blog post.

Or you can go get a free quote and book your vital travel insurance.

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The Paris Street Photography is $5395 and that allows you to bring your significant other.  They can come to the photography sessions if they wish or go off on their own. We can help point them to interesting sites. as well.


A deposit of $1000 will reserve your spot. Balance due August 15, 2023. All of our standard terms and conditions apply.

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The next step is to send me a deposit via an online registration. If you don’t like to pay online, you can send you deposit by mail. About 90 days before the workshop you will receive a bill for the balance.

There will be emails sent as we get closer with more specific details. Please feel free to check in at anytime with any questions that you have.

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