Landing Vermilion Flycatcher - Jeff Wendorff PhotographerOne of the techniques that you can use to make a successful flight shot is to observe behavior and then take advantage of that behavior. Many birds and flycatchers in particular have favorite perches that they use to “hawk” bugs and other edibles. Once you figure out that spot you can then make a plan to capture their return. I say capture their return because the take off is more of a leap and far less dramatic than a landing. So now you’ve watched and learned the bird’s favorite perch. I am also assuming you have moved if need be so that you have the best possible background… Now the next technique to photograph this gorgeous Vermilion Flycatcher in flight (photographed in a blind at Block Creek Natural Area) was to pre-focus on the perch and lock in my tripod. I’ve also locked in the focus on the spot that I expect the bird will return to. Now I watched the birds return directly rather than through the view finder of the camera. This gave me a lot better chance at grabbing the ultra-fast flight action. Of course there are going to be misses…sigh

It really only takes one though!

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Here are a few more images of the Vermilion Flycatchers from Block Creek. I highly recommend photographing at Block Creek Natural Area.

I highly recommend photographing at Block Creek Natural Area. The map shows the location, but the location is on private property and can be visited only with a reservation.

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