A couple of weeks ago there was an add from Nikon teasing about something big for wedding photographers. Here is the ad.

Now that set of a zillion more rumors that it was the upcoming (allegedly) D3X. Now comes the newest and greatest rumor, a medium format 48 meegapixel format. YOWZER, call your Swiss banker for that beasty!

One from a blogger that prefers anonymity:

A relatively compact traditional “medium format-esque” camera in a new camera line that will beaimed at studio, portrait, landscape and wedding photographers needs, with a more affordable price point than present larger format digital backs. This will allow the continuation of the D line as the sports and news photographers choice, expanding on the D3 with an upgrade to a 24mp sensor (hopefully available for the D3 body!) and future plans for 60 frame rate video recording modes in future models.