When the people at NIK Software do something they do it right. All of their products are unique and quite simply they are work flawlessly, easily and within your workflow. I doubt a take a picture that their software doesn’t touch. The release of version of Silver Efx Pro 2 is no exception. If you have the old version you will want to grab this stat! And if you ever wanted to be able to create magnificent black and white conversions, but this software right now. Don’t believe me, they offer 15 dat trials so you can see for yourself.

This is what NIK has to say and you can read all of the details…HERE.

Revolutionary U Point Technology

For photographers, one of the most difficult aspects of image enhancement has been the ability to selectively edit areas of an image without affecting other areas. It’s often easy to look at an image and determine specific things you want to fix, but frustrating to actually fix them.

Specially Developed Algorithms

Achieve incredible results faster than ever with never-before-seen advancements in black and white controls such as Dynamic Brightness, Fine Structure, Soft Contrast, Amplify Whites, Amplify Blacks, and our legendary Grain Engine.

Intuitive History Browser

The new History Browser enables you to explore all of the features in Silver Efex Pro 2 with the freedom to try different looks, undo adjustments at any time, and compare different edited history states of your image.

Dynamic Brightness

Intelligently adjust brightness in your images using the new Dynamic Brightness control. This unique new tool adapts the brightness effect to existing tonalities in an image, creating spectacular results.

Amplify Blacks and Whites

Accentuate blacks and whites in your image for greater impact by increasing the presence of highlights and shadows adaptively throughout the image. Unique contrast effects are easily achieved without blocking up darker areas of an image or blowing out lighter ones.

Structure and Fine Structure

Typical contrast adjustments enhance lights and darks along edges. Introduced in the first version of Silver Efex Pro, our innovative Structure control works more precisely “between” the edges to enhance images, often working in concert with contrast.

Grain Engine

Film grain often sets the mood of an image. Silver Efex Pro 2 has an unparalleled grain reproduction algorithm that doesn’t merely layer grain on an image but rather recreates the image using the grain settings you’ve chosen. The result is a more natural-looking image that evokes the nostalgic film era.

Soft Contrast

Conventional contrast darkens and lightens details in a very straightforward yet unsophisticated manner, often producing images that are harsher than intended. Soft Contrast, however, adds contrast to an image by applying contrast to different areas of the image in a dynamic way. By intelligently adapting contrast to image details, Soft Contrast achieves a softer mood or feeling in the photograph.

Natural Image Borders

Silver Efex Pro 2 contains an entirely new set of intelligent algorithms that incorporate organic elements to create unique, natural, and random image borders. This is a modern interpretation on classic darkroom borders and offers virtually infinite possibilities.