I’m always happy to add a new bird to my aviary and finding these Neotropic Cormorants the rookery in Smith Oaks on High Island was a treat. Here is my Gulp of Cormorants…enjoy!

Side Note: good job on the collective noun people!

You can see all of my cormorant images and order prints…HERE. I wrote a blog post about my trip to High Island and the Smith Oaks Rookery…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • the only cormorant known to plunge-dive into water to catch fish
  • fish cooperatively, forming a line across swift-flowing streams and striking the surface with their wings
  • Wingspan: 40.2 in (102 cm) Weight: 37.7–52.9 oz (1070–1500 g)
  • Alternate Names: Olivaceous Cormorant, Brazilian Cormorant, Mexican Cormorant

You can find the rookery from this map. Please be courteous to the birds and other photographers. The area is small and can be crowded…be a good sport about sharing!

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