I’ve been a fan of MPIX for a while now and those of you that have bought prints from mew probably have received them from MPIX. I use them to print directly from my portfolio on all unsigned images. Now MPIX has upped the ante with their Pro services.

Here is a short list of upgrades from their regular service:

  • Greater product selection! A product catalog twice the size of Mpix
  • Simplified ordering! Order using the popular ROES software
  • Reduced shipping! All orders ship via FedEx Overnight at only $4.00 per order… orders over $100 ship for free!

You should head over to their site for the details and to see if you qualify. Yes, qualify, you do need to be a professional photographer to qualify for the services. Here is the link.

I  just got my test prints back from them and I have never seen a more professional presentation of prints. Just outstanding. The first run wasn’t perfect, but that can be expected when you are dialing in your monitor and printer calibration. MPIX was helpful and responsive in helping me get it fixed.

I’m looking forward to a long relationship with MPIX Pro.