Well officially they are called Collared Aracari, but I thought you’d recognize toucans, I mean we all know this bird form the Fruit Loops commercials. Right? Do you remember his name?

In case you were curious:

  • You probably are and I was pronouncing the name of the bird incorrectly, it’s a soft “c” so you would say it “Ara-sah-ree”.
  • an arboreal species which does not migrate which means often they may live in the same tree for their entire lives
  • up to six adult birds will sleep in the same tree hole with their young with their tails folded up over their backs
  • typically 39-41 cm (15-16 in) long and weighs 190-275 grams (6.7-9.7 oz.)
You can see all my toucan and aracari images and order prints…HERE.


The Fruit Loops toucan was…Toucan Sam!