Local photography is probably not the first item or even on your list of photography locations. We are amid the pandemic, and travel is off-limits for photography pursuits. I have been posting images from the past on my social media accounts, and today I posted pictures from this day taken throughout my career. It was entertaining, and then I was bummed out. I started lamenting the fact that I cannot participate in my favorite photography season.

Spring wildflowers Columbia Gorge Jeff Wendorff

Spring wildflowers Columbia Gorge Jeff Wendorff

It’s spring, and the weather is beautiful, flowers are in bloom, and the birds are back home. I have become accustomed to living on the road for my photography workshops. I am traveling most of the year, but that life, my photography life has been shut down. Having all of the photography hot spots closed to me put me in a funk. Then I remembered the sage advice from my highly intelligent mentor, David Middleton. As a Nikon “Legend of Light,” his photography skills are pretty good too. David told me when I was first starting out as a photographer, that local photography is smart and productive. It is not expensive, you are already there, no car rental, no hotel, no expenses at all! Consider this, there 32,000 acres of photo possibilities within 50 miles of your house! Let’s say there are 32 possible locations within 50 miles. I will wager that you have not photographed at 10 of them!

For many of us, 50 miles is also not possible at the moment, but your yard is available! So, I am shooting hyper-local and working in my yard! That must mean that I am a super-smart photographer! David will be so proud! Seriously, it’s a blast, and it has been very productive!

I confess that my yard attracts birds, pollinators, and wildlife, and that gives me an advantage for sure. You can get started right away with very little expense. Check out these blog posts for ideas, Bird Photography Tip – Use Your Yard and  Easy Hummingbird Photography. There are good tips to get you started in hyper local photography.

Local Photography Ideas

  • Buy a bird feeder
  • Buy some planter flowers
  • Set up a blind or shoot from the kitchen window

Local Photography Gallery

All of these gallery images were taken in my yard yesterday! Go on get out in your yard and photograph!