lightroomThe more that I use Lightroom the more I like what they are doing. Even there are no big features in this release, it is still worth while for the update to ACR 5.2 (Adobe Camera Raw’s latest converter). They also have included the camera profiles that have been available from Adobe Labs for a while now. I still think that Nikon Capture NX2 does the best conversion of my Nikon NEF files, the gap is certainly narrowing.

Here is what Adobe says:

Lightroom 2 Bugs – Fixed

  • Images rendered from the Slideshow export process produced a jagged effect on hard edges relative to the quality of normal JPEG export
  • Increased the number of characters allowed in Web gallery labels beyond 150 characters
  • Catalogs with hundreds of root (top level) folders caused very slow launch times
  • Drag and drop to move a subfolder to a different folder showed the incorrect photos in the grid
  • Print Sharpening produced edge artifacts in certain conditions
  • Density defaulted to 100 percent for initial stroke regardless of position of slider
  • The Adjustment brush created blocky, straight edges to brush strokes under certain conditions
  • Lightroom could become unresponsive when using the graduated filter under certain conditions
  • It was possible to lose the ability to edit an adjustment brush setting after applying a graduated filter with hidden pins
  • Turning auto-mask on produced a lag in Lightroom performance in when applying the adjustment brush
  • Print to JPEG functionality produced a low resolution image when printing photos with panorama aspect ratios
  • Extended characters in a folder name caused Edit in Photoshop functionality to fail
  • Smart collection did not respond to changes in custom metadata
  • Enabling auto-mask produced a lag in performance in when applying the local adjustment brush

Lightroom 2 Enhancements

  • Camera profiles are now available in the Calibration panel in the Develop module. These profiles are designed to provide different interpretations of raw capture.

Windows Download

MAC Download

As always if you have not already done so, you can follow this link and purchase Lightroom at Amazon. Your support is appreciated.

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