This is not really my cup of tea for a laptop, but someone was truly thinking of the photographer when they designed this bad boy, holy desktop replacement batman! I mean it has everything that you could ask for and really a not too shabby 8lbs or so. A Wacom touch pad too!

The last laptop I bought I went the large size, but soon realized that I never used it for editing images and all that extra weight was a real pain to lug around. When I travel all I need is email, the net, ability to download and backup. I got a Dell XPSM1330, it weighs under 5 lbs and works great. However if you want a desktop computer that you can take with you, this looks killer.

An excerpt from Rob Galbraith’s site:

“Lenovo today has unveiled the ThinkPad W700, a widescreen 17 inch Windows laptop that has been developed expressly for the working digital photographer. In addition to CPU options that include Intel’s new mobile quad core processor, a maximum of 8GB of RAM, up to three internal hard drives (two if you don’t want to forsake the optical disc drive) and top-end Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M graphics, the W700 features an integrated screen calibrator and mini Wacom tablet plus both SD and CompactFlash card slots….The W700’s 17 inch display is available in two resolutions; the higher resolution one is 1920 x 1200 pixels and incorporates twin CCFL (rather than LED) backlighting for a promised wide colour gamut that comprises about 72% of the Adobe RGB colour space.”

Read the full story on Rob’s site.

Or you can read some more and buy it from Amazon now by following this link.

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