I know it seems obvious, but photography really is all about the light and I can prove it! These images were all photographed on the same pond and on the same day! What a difference the light made in each of these images!

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This was the first image that I took. It was about 10 minutes after sunrise so the light was very gold and soft. This light was bounced back on to the pond by the brown and green reeds at the back of the pond. It gave the water an incredible golden glow and fortunately this Ring-necked Duck has a yellow eye and a black head which was a very cool look on this image. The water was soo  great that I decided to back off of the zoom (that’s what that ring on the front of your camera lens is for!) a little bit so you could see how cool the light looked.

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The next picture was a few minutes later, but in a shaded part of the pond. The light was still golden or as photographers like to say, “sweet light”, but because this one was a bit shaded the water has more of a coppery look to it.

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The next image the sun was getting higher and most of the sweet light was gone and the ripples from the breeze where reflecting the blue sky.

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This last image the sweet light was all gone and no longer being reflected from the reeds so the water was now a bright blue reflection of a sunny spring day.

Here is a map of the “duck pond” at Tierra Verde where the images where taken. There are always ducks there and often 7 or 8 species. It’s a good place to take a quick look while you are on the way to or from the fantabulously birdy, Ft. DeSoto.

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