I am a big fan of Zenfolio and they are the company that I use to host my online portfolio as well as fullfilling my print sales. They are great to work with and they are continually updating and improving their services. One of the reasons that I chose Zenfolio was the speed of their servers. I’ve never seen a photo host site that was faster at browsing your images than Zenfolio. All of that should be a good enough reason to sign-up, but now they’ve upped the ante with an iPhone app, myZenfolio.

Here are the juicy details:

myZenfolio is the perfect mobile companion for your Zenfolio account. It allows you to easily manage and show your photos hosted on Zenfolio, as well as upload new photos directly to your Zenfolio galleries.


  • Browse, create, modifgy groups, galleries, and collections
  • View your photos online through a native iPhone experience
  • Upload photos taken with your iPhone
  • Upload original size or low resolution images
  • Set Access Control rules (public, private, password)
  • Edit titles, captions, categories, and keywords
  • Move and delete photos
  • Send e-mail invitations

The great news is that is works just as well as the main site! Very fast and very easy! The thing that I like the most, if I want to show someone my work, I don’t have to keep pictures stored on my iPhone, with a couple of taps on my iPhone I can show my images instantly…in a word awesome…and even better its free!

This is a must have win win situation. In other words if you have an iPhone and don’t have a Zenfolio account, go get one. If you have a Zenfolio account and don’t have an iPhone, go buy one!

Download the app for your iPhone…HERE.