About the only time I have time to read a book is when I am on a plane and then it is a must have item. I cannot fly without a book. As something of a gadget guy, I’ve considered the Kindle, but decided it was too much for the amount of reading I am able to get to. Too much as in too much money and too big for me to lug around. Now Amazon has a free Kindle  iPhone app. My first impulse was, I am absolutely not going to read a book on my iPhone, it is just too small. As per usual, I had an epiphany: user manuals, guide books and other reference items would be AWESOME! I love Scott Kelby’s Lightroom book and being able to have it in literally in the palm of my hands could be an incredible convenience. Or a  guide book for an upcoming trip. The iPhone even has something that makes it better than the Kindle…color pictures!

There are 245,000 books in the Amazon store including 396 about photography! Here are some ideas.

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