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I am quite pleased to not only introduce, but be a part of an exciting and brand new photography workshop company called, the Photographer’s Alliance Workshops. We call it PAW for short. My friend and mentor, David Middleton has finally decided that after 25 years of working for photography workshop companies it was time to start his own, and so PAW is here!

It is a great concept and full of a great leaders and great locations. Here is a description from the PAW website that really sums it all up:

“The Photographer’s Alliance Workshops (PAW) is a new photography workshop and tour company dedicated to exemplary teaching and superb photography. It is a community of professional photographers brought together to teach and to share their passion for photography. Simply, we are photographers from all over the country who love to help other photographers be their best. No nonsense, no excuses, no inflated egos, no huge overhead; just folks taking pictures, teaching photography and loving what they are doing. PAW is how photography ought to be taught.”

Here are links to the workshops that PAW will offer in 2009:

Imagine yourself in a Florida swamp and you are in a bird rookery that is home to nearly 5000 herons, egrets, ibis and more.  And now imagine that you are there during their breeding season and so the place is alive with activity. Leader(s): David Middleton and Jeff Wendorff

Florida Birds and More, March 12-15, 2009

The Oregon coast is a spectacular place for photographers. There is so much to explore, so many places to take pictures, so many things to point your camera at and it is all close by and easily accessible. Leader(s): David Middleton and Brenda Berry.

Oregon Coast, October 9-13, 2009

You will never get better images of raptors than on our fabulous Colorado Raptors Workshop. This is your best chance to photograph owls, eagles, falcons, and hawks in superb natural settings and up close! Leader(s): Jeff Wendorff

Colorado Raptors, October 25-27, 2009

Zion National Park is one of the photographic jewels of our National Park system.  There is no better time to visit than during the fall color season, after the summer crowds have departed and the cottonwood trees change to gold. Leader(s) Rod Barbee and Don Mammoser

Zion National Park, October 27-November 1, 2009

Have you ever thought about looking through your viewfinder and seeing a frame filling mountain lion or black bear or wolf or…? Leader(s): David Middleton

Lions, Tigers and Bears!, October 28-November1, 2009

Death Valley is a place of extreme desert beauty: dunes, 10,000 ft. peaks, dry lake beds, volcanic craters, the lowest place in the Americas, the hottest place in the Americas, spectacularly crisp sunrises and sunsets: it’s all there. Leader(s): Moe Witschard and David Middleton

Death Valley November 11-15, 2009

Bosque del Apache is one of our favorite locations and a must for anyone interested in photographing Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes during their fall migration. Leader(s): Jeff Wendorff

Bosque del Apache, November 19-22, 2009

So as our motto says: “Catch the light with the best leaders, locations, and instruction” and visit our website for more details about The Photographer’s Alliance Workshops!