Fractalius by Photographer Jeff WendorffMy name is Jeff and I am addicted to Fractalius! Careful or you’ll catch it too!

Fractalius is digital art software from Redfield and it is really so much fun, that you’ll have a hard time stopping once you start.

I really enjoy making digital paintings…taking one of my photographs and via the power of the computer turning it in to something completely different. Fortunately, you don’t have to have any artistic talent at all, but a good picture to start with helps a lot. A few clicks and voila, art! Ok, perhaps not art and I am reluctant to use that word, but I have seen other users make some fantastic images and so I had to try it myself and now I can’t stop Fractaliusing.

Redfield’s Fractalius is software that is very simple and easy to use. Honestly the best way to learn it is to push all of the buttons and sliders and gizmos and see what happens. There is also a cool “roll the dice” randomizer that makes great art…well sometimes! As my friends David and Roger say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” I am sure that you are all savvy enough that you are working on a duplicate layer so that really shouldn’t count as a tip, but if you aren’t, shame on you. Always make a duplicate layer when you use Fractalius. Two reasons, I’ve discovered that changing the opacity for some of the more bizarre variants like Glow100 look better by fading the duplicate layer a bit to reveal more of the subject under neath. This is particularly true when creating animals. Secondly, if you change your mind about your creation, just delete the layer and start over. The most difficult part of the process is picking just the right images for the effects. It takes a bit of work to get ones that work. I find that the simpler the background the more appealing I find the end results. Your results may vary so go play!

Here is a link to the Redfield site. OH, the big bummer. It is only available for 32 bit Windows versions of Photoshop. On the plus side it is only $40!

Here are some of my images re-worked as a Fractalius.

If you Fractalius let me see your stuff!