The first time I photographed a horse roundup it was was part of a photography workshop that I had signed up for. I was not excited about it at all, but it was included. I mean I was a “wildlife” photographer not a horse photographer…so kicking and pouting I went along. Turns out it was blast! I had so much fun and loved the images and well I was hooked. Now more than a decade later I also occasionally include an option for a western style horse roundup as an option on my photography workshops.

Normally I partner with the Bar W Guest Ranch in Whitefish, MT. They re just awesome to work with. The staff at the Bar W is very accommodating and try to do anything that we ask for. Their stock is in great shape and the riders manage to drive the horses right where we need them…running towards our cameras!

The Bar W is beautiful and they have a very special guest house and a ton of outdoor activities. So if you have been dreaming about a mountain retreat-western style, check them out. I highly recommend the “glamping” option!

Here are a few reasons that you may want to join my workshop!

Horse Roundup Gallery

One of things that I like to do is create a pan blur of the action. These intentional blurs really give a sense of motion to the photography. Using a slow shutter speed of about 1/30th of a second you pan and click your images. Trying to keep your focus on the head. It’s not easy and you’ll throw away way more than you keep, but the outcome can be very dramatic! It’s a technique that I teach on my workshops, so come on a workshop and I’ll help you learn this trick.

Horse Roundup Pan Blur Gallery

Horse Roundup Portfolio

You can see all of my western images and more horse roundup images in my online portfolio. The images are all available as prints or as licensed media for your particular needs. You can find that gallery…HERE.

Winter Horse Roundup