As programs like Lightroom getting more and more powerful there is less need to work on your photographs in Photoshop and at $200 a pop to upgrade, well you may want to learn about what’s new. To help without I am writing a series of articles exposing new features in Photoshop CS4. Today’s lesson is about a great feature for those of you that create panoramic images, Auto Blend Layers.

This is going to be more show than tell as it all automated. If you have ever built panoramas before you know that once you have the merge complete the blue sky can be off a few degrees in color temperature. In the past cloning, blending, and patching would help, but often with less than stellar results. Adobe has now added this slick new feature to take care of that problem automatically. Here’s the scoop,

After your panorama is created, select all of the layers in the image. You select the layers in the layers panel on the right by holding the CTRL key and clicking on each layer. Then go to Edit>Auto-Blend-Layers. Photoshop will ask if it is a panorama, click yes. And voila all is done!

Click on the image to enlarge it and you can also have both of them enlarged at the same time!



Now that is a cool feature! Enough to buy photoshop? If you are a panorama junkie it just might be!