During my South Texas Bird Photography Workshop we had the great opportunity to photograph Crested Caracara from a photography blind. This gave the birds these somewhat shy birds to behave normally and one of the really cool behaviors of this species is their threat display and call. Not too much is know about this and the little internet research I’ve done suggests it can be used to alert other birds to food, or to alert other birds to stay away. At any rate it is pretty cool. Sorry about the dust bunnies!! :-)

Collective Noun and Other Facts

  • A common subject of folklore and legends throughout Central and South America, the Crested Caracara is sometimes referred to as the “Mexican Eagle.” It is also the national bird of Mexico.
  • Formerly Audubon’s Caracara
  • Although it looks like a long-legged hawk and associates with vultures, the Crested Caracara is actually in the same family as falcons.
  • Length 19.3–22.8 in (49–58 cm)
  • Wingspan 47.2 in (120 cm)
  • Weight 37–45.9 oz (1050–1300 g)

There does not seem to be an “official” collective noun for this noble bird. They are part of the falcon family and as such a bazaar of caracara seems to be the most commonly used. I have two names to propose, a strut (they walk more than they fly to hunt) or a rattle (based on their call). What say you?

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