The art of creative flower photography is only limited by your imagination. I have a rather vivid imagination, but I need some help translating that to the photograph. I sometimes use plugins and photoshop to make art out of an image that I have taken and Fractalius is along time favorite.

The only reason that I still own a PC is so that I can use one of my favorite plugins of all time from, Fractalius. It is so fun and so simple and it only works in 32bit photoshop on PCs! Sigh… There are even online petitions to get Redfield to port the plugin to Mac, but thus far that has fallen on deaf ears.

Fortunately I still have an old PC and so I can still have my way fractal way with my images.

Here is a picture of a flower that I took and as I was taking it, I was thinking that all of the geometry in the blossoms would be a fun creative flower photography project in Fractalius.

Original Flower Photograph

Creative Flower Photography – Fractalius Style

I then played with it for a while in Fractalius and came up with three version from mild to wild!

Creative Flower Photography Fractalius 1 Creative Flower Photography Fractalius 2 Creative Flower Photography Fractalius 3

Art of Creative Photography Workshops

I’m in the process of setting up my 2014  photography workshops and I will be teaching a course using plugins like Fractalius. You can find all of my workshops on my Wildlife Photography Workshops website