Here’s a follow up to my Creating Art from Photography – Bird Art…with wildlife. For whatever reason, I have found it kind of hard to make digital paintings of mammals. Of course I am fanboy for Topaz Labs Impression and I’ve had higher success creating wildlife art from photography with that software.

Wildlife Art Gallery

Alien Skin Snap Art was used to create these paintings from my photos.

a digital painting of a tundra wolf with piercing yellow eyes created from a photograph by Jeff Wendorff

Tundra Wolf Portrait

a digital painting of a your bobcat running down a hill created by Jeff Wendorff

Downhill Racer – Young Bobcat

A charging grizzly bear digital painting created from a photograph by Jeff Wendorff

CHARGE! – Grizzly Bear

a painting of a baby raccoon looing out of a log created by Jeff Wendorff from his photograph

Peeking Out – Baby Raccoon

These paintings were made with Topaz Labs Impression

A vibrant red bull elephant form Madikwe reserve in South Africa created from a photograph by Jeff Wendorff

Bull at Madikwe – Elephant

A prancing elk digital art created by Jeff Wendorff with Topaz Impression

Prancing Elk Sketch

Painting of a small island haul out covered with Stellar Sea Lions created from a photo by Jeff Wendorff

The Haul Out – Stellar Sea Lions

a painting of a tiger running towards the viewer created from a photo by Jeff Wendorff

Coming for You – Siberian Tiger

Art from Photography – Wildlife Art Gallery

I’ve got a number of pieces of wildlife art in my gallery. Go check it out and order a print of your favorite painting! Use code JEFF15 to take 15% of your order.

Creative Photography Workshops

I teach a workshop called The Art of Creative Photography and if creating art from your photographs is something that you find appealing then perhaps this is a workshop that you’d enjoy. If you live in the Pacific Northwest this is a workshop that can be done most anytime and with just about any number of clients. You can find out more on my Wildlife, Nature and Creative Photography Workshops website…HERE.

Topaz Labs Software

If you’d like to give the Impression a try you can get a 30 day trial on their website…HERE. If you want to buy it you can use the code JEFF15 for a spiffy 15% discount courtesy of my friends at Topaz Labs. I’m not paid by Topaz Labs, but I am a beta tester for Topaz Labs products.