Join Jeff in California for an incredible 3 day wildlife photography workshop. Photographing wolves, cougars, grizzly bear and even a tiger cub in the glorious foothills outside the Yosemite Valley in Mariposa California. April 19, 2013

For those that are new to the party, every now and then The Triple D Ranch moves their wildlife photography models to the central California foothills of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. You might know it better as the gateway to the fantastic Yosemite Valley. The scenic locale is just perfect for us to photograph several species of animals in their natural environments. Some of the animals that we will photograph like the wolves no longer exist in the wild in California and others like the Mountain Lion and Grizzly Bear are very elusive and nearly impossible to photograph. On this workshop you’ll be able to photograph them as well as several other species.

I also have it on good authority that the stork is expected to make a very special delivery this year, a tiger cub! If all goes according to the plan they should have an 8 week old tiger for us to photograph. While the California foothills are not known for tigers, I think that you will agree a baby tiger in the grass is pretty special!

In case you need an idea of just what that may look like. Just so you know the baby at the workshop will be half that size or even smaller…CUTE!!!!

Tiger Cub - California Workshop

Tiger Cub – California Workshop


You can read all of the workshop details on Wildlife Workshops…HERE.