Yellowstone is such an incredible place and this is coming from someone that has spent way more time in Africa than in Yellowstone. It really is always full of surprises and one of things that I’ve learned is that you just take what the park gives you. I mean it is quite hard to say, Ok today is bison. OK, well you could probably do that, but the point is that the park is massive and not easily traversed with the zillions of tourists. Slow down and photograph what you see, in other words enjoy yourself!

I chose to go the park in May assuming that I would have gorgeous spring weather in the mountains, green grass, wildflowers and babies galore…oops! We have snow, snow and more SNOW! One morning when I got to the park I was informed that every road in the park was closed except from Madison to Old Faithful. Then one morning there was a rockslide closing the road to the Lamar Valley from Tower and of course the pass from village to Tower was still under 14 FEET of snow. Ahh, spring in Yellowstone!

BUT, that meant that despite the fact that it was memorial day weekend the park was relatively devoid of people. I photographed a grizzly by myself for about 20 minutes and the longest “animal jam” was about 15 minutes. No sweat.

There were quite a few baby bison, but not any great numbers. A friend was there a week or so after me and said that there were a lot of babies and equally bad weather. Still I managed to make some nice images.

You can see all of my Bison images and order prints…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • The bison herd is now about 3500 in Yellowstone
  • From 1800-1890 men killed at estimated 65 Million bison
  • Adult bulls are 6 ft tall and weigh about 1 ton

As is my custom, here is a map showing the locations in the park that I made my images.


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