We had a great selection of birds for the winter 2015 version of my birds of prey photography workshop. The birds are all rehab birds from Montana Wild Wings Recovery that cannot be released back in to the wild and have become goodwill ambassadors educating the public about these amazing birds of prey. We place them in ecologically correct spaces that also happen to be photogenic and then enjoy making some portfolio filling images!

Part of the falcon family, the American Kestrel is a gorgeous animal. We used an old deer antler in the snow for a perch. They are tough, but not deer tough, but they would sit on a perch such as this to scan for prey.

American Kestrel on a deer antler perch in the snow photographed by Jeff Wendorff

American Kestrel on a deer antler perch

We were shooting against some fir trees in the distance and with some wonderful side light we could create a cool “studio like” portrait of this Ferruginous Hawk.

Ferruginous Hawk in sweet light photographed by Jeff Wendorff

A portrait of a Ferruginous Hawk

This is the Ferruginous Hawk again, this time she was “flying” on the handler’s fist. This gave us a great opportunity for some unique views of this incredible hawk.

Ferruginous Hawk up close photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Ready for my closeup – Ferruginous Hawk

Great Grey Owl in the snow…what more can you ask for…OK, yes there is plenty more on the bucket list. The snowy background was pretty cool though!

Great Gray Owl in the snow photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Ghost of the North – Great Gray Owl

A first year Harlan’s Hawk was also part of the workshop. They are a subspecies of the Red-tailed Hawk and was named by Mr. Audubon for his buddy Mr. Harlan. Pretty cool.

Harlan's Hawk aka Dark Morph Red-tailed Hawk photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Harlan’s Hawk aka Dark Morph Red-tailed Hawk

Meet the diminutive and adorable Pygmy Owl. They are only about 6″ tall, but they can take down prey the size of a robin. Fierce little owls!

Northern Pygmy-Owl showing some attitude for a diminutive owl photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Whooo you calling tiny – Northern Pygmy-Owl

Northern Pygmy-Owl in a hollow log photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Hiding Out – Northern Pygmy-Owl

Another small owl with plenty of attitude too. This is a Saw-whet Owl and is one of the most common owls in American forests. If you hear a call in the dark, a high pitched too-too-too, you’ve probably found or at least heard a Saw-whet Owl.

Fierce pose Northern Saw-whet Owl photographed by Jeff Wendorff

A “fierce” Northern Saw-whet Owl

The Rough-legged Hawk got it’s name for the feathers that go all the way down to their talons. The only other American raptor that has these feathers is the Golden Eagle and so they are easily recognized even with their multiple color variations.

Rough-legged Hawk scanning the snow banks photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Rough-legged Hawk scanning the snow banks

Birds of Prey Photography Portfolio

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Birds of Prey Photography Workshops

The birds of prey workshop are typically 1 day extensions to most of my wildlife photography workshops in Montana. You can find out more information on the workshops page…HERE.