During my most recent bird photography workshop in Arizona, we had a ton of opportunities to make Gambel’s Quail Photos. The best part was that it as also hatching season and there were several new broods over the course of the workshop. FUN!

About Gambel’s Quail

  • The scientific name is Callipepla peplos, which means “Beautiful Robe.” That one has me stumped too!
  • The namesake of the Gambel’s Quail is William Gambel. Mr. Gambel was a naturalist that died trying to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Another sort of head-scratcher of a name.
  • The collective noun for Gambel’s Quail is a “covey” or a “bevy”. The babies are “chicks” or “chippers.”

Gambel’s Quail Images

Gambel's Quail and sagebrush by Jeff Wendorff

Gambel’s Quail and sagebrush

Enjoy this selection quail images from my photography workshop.

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