Tanagers are great for bird photography with a huge variety of brightly colored birds. I’ve been lucky to spend some time in South America and have photographed a few of these beauties!

Tanagers – Family Thraupidae

From Wikipedia: Tanagers are small to medium-sized birds. The shortest-bodied species, the White-eared Conebill, is 9 cm (3.8 in) long and weighs 7 grams, barely smaller than the Short-billed Honeycreeper. The longest, the Magpie Tanager is 28 cm (11 in) and weighs 76 grams (2.7 oz). The heaviest is the White-capped Tanager which weighs 114 grams (4 oz) and measures about 24 cm (9.5 in). Both sexes are usually the same size and weight. Tanagers are often brightly colored, but some species are black and white. Birds in their first year are often duller or a different color altogether. Males are typically more brightly colored than females.

Most tanagers have short, rounded wings. The shape of the bill seems to be linked to the species’ foraging habits.

Tanagers – Collective Nouns

For Tanagers there is the nonsensical, a season. I have no idea about that, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve seen a rainbow proposed and I kind of like that for these colorful birds.

Honeycreepers are also part of this family and I could not find a collective noun for them as a group. I always take this as a personal challenge and so, I’d like to place a winnie (I could not go last name!) and a pot as their collective nouns.

Lastly an eatery of Seedeaters seems redundant and I propose that a feed or a feeder should be the proper collective noun for these wee birds.

Tanagers – Jeff Wendorff’s Portfolio

I have quite a few images in my tanager photography portfolio. You can see all of them and order prints or purchase the rights for your publication needs by clicking the link below.

Golden-hooded Tanager, Tangara larvata bird photography by Jeff Wendorff

Golden-hooded Tanager, Tangara larvata


Tanager Photography Portfolio


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Books on Collective Nouns

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