My best bird photography workshops are directly related to my bird addiction. Bird Photography fires my photographic passion, and I seek new experiences worldwide to fulfill my cravings. When I find a bird photography location that is special and reliable, I create a bird photography workshop, so people like you can join me doing what we love, photograph birds! I love showing my clients new and unusual birds in superb locations. Teaching them how to create better images is a real bonus too!

Birds were not always my favorite subject. I was determined to photograph wildlife, meaning a mammal photographer, not a damn bird photographer. I even went on a few safaris in Africa and refused to photograph birds, can you imagine? The economics of being so narrowly focused and the abundance of birds that were close to my house “forced” me into the bird photographer camp. Twenty years later, my photos are in Birder’s World, Arizona Highways, and hundreds of my images are used by birders to ID their feathered finds in the iBird app. I don’t keep a list in the same way as birders list, but I keep track of how many species I have photographed worldwide. My birds photographed list currently sits at 1457.

I now have bird photography workshops in five countries and spanning 54 days! With all of that, I am confident that I can show you some new birds and teach you some new things to improve your bird photography. All you have to decide which of these bird photography suits your eye! Please, feel free to book them all!

Texas Bird Photography Workshop: May 1-5, 2021

I have been photographing birds at the legendary South Texas Birding Ranches for 15 years. They have always been remarkable, but these days nothing short of breathtaking can describe how great the photography is in the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Bird Photography Workshop Highlights

Texas Bird Photography Workshop 2021 - Green Jay

  • 5 Nights and 4 Days
  • Guaranteed Image Production
  • Classroom and In-the-Field Instruction
  • Max Attendees: 5
  • Professional Local Bird Expert
  • Professional Workshop Leader

Osprey and Burrowing Owl Photography Workshop: May 5-12, 2021

The largest population of Osprey in North America and most likely, the world is in Florida. The epicenter of the Osprey’s territory is around Blue Cypress Lake on Central Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Guess what? That is where I will teach you to be an incredible Osprey photography and, by extension, much-improved birds in action photographer.

On a very similar note, Florida is also home to a large population of Burrowing Owls. The curmudgeonly expressions do not match with their otherwise cuddly appearance. My teaching goal with owls is to help you create stunning owl portraits. With that knowledge, you’ll crush bird portrait photography the next time you are out photographing birds of any species.

Ospreys and Burrowing Owls Workshop Highlights

Osprey Bird Photography Workshop 2021- Osprey in Flight

  • 7 Nights and 8 Days
  • Small-Group – 4 Clients
  • Professional Biologist/Photographer Guide
  • Classroom and In-the-Field Instruction
  • Professional Photographer Leader
  • Custom Photography Boat

Birds of Spain Photography Workshop: May 31-June 8, 2021

We travel to Spain not so much for the local birds, but for the location. Of course, we will photograph anything with feathers, but our goal is to capture the myriad migrants from Africa. All of those glorious, intensely colorful birds winter and breed in Spain. The birds will be in their best feathers and will look great for your camera! The birding estate has more than 30 blinds that will allow us to get incredibly close for intimate photographs and photogenic behaviors.

Birds of Spain Highlights

Black Necked Grebe on Bird Photography Workshop Spain 2021

  • 7 Nights and 8 Days
  • Small-Group – 6 Clients
  • Includes Lodging, Local Transport, Meals
  • Professional Photographer Leader
  • Local Guide/Translators
  • Includes Lodging, Local Transport, Meals

Newfoundland Photography Workshop: July 24-30, 2021

Unlike the previous listings, this workshop is not strictly for the birds. I have been waiting all day to use that line! While birds are not the focus, the Atlantic Puffins, Northern Gannets, and Bald Eagles offer highlight-reel worthy photography. Oh, thar be whales too!

Newfoundland Photography Workshop Highlights

Atlantic Puffin Newfoundland Photography Workshop

  • 6 Nights and 7 Days
  • 3 Charter Boat Trips
  • Lodging and Local Transportation Included
  • Classroom and In-the-Field Instruction
  • Max Attendees: 4
  • Veteran Pro Photographer Instructor

Bird Photography Workshop Ecuador’s Western Andes: November 9-18, 2021

There are more bird species in a country this size than anyplace else on earth. A WHOPPING 1640 bird species live in Ecuador. The Western Slope of the Andes that we will call home on this trip features a mere 1000 species. I think you’ll be pleased. I sincerely hope that you have picked up on my generous use of sarcasm. We will photograph mostly at feeders that generations of these birds have relied on for food and photographs. There are so many hummingbirds that you may get tired of photographing them.

Birds of Ecuador Photography Workshop Highlights

Bird Photography Workshop Western Andes Ecuador, 2021.

  • 9 Nights and 10 Days
  • Includes all Meals and Lodging
  • Includes All In-Country Transportation
  • 2 Professional Instructors
  • 2 English Speaking Local Guides
  • Max 10 Clients

Best Eastern Andes Bird Photography Workshop November 18-26, 2021

The west is best, but the east is certainly not least. I think it will be a draw. Ecuador has soo many birds that I had to offer back to back trips so you can get a considerable number of new birds on your journey. If this is your first bird photography trip in South America, I think that you may photograph as many as 400 new birds for both workshops.

Best Eastern Andes Bird Photography Workshop Highlights

Ecuador Bird Photography Workshop Eastern Andes

  • 8 Nights and 9 Days
  • Includes all Meals and Lodging
  • Include All In-Country Transportation
  • English Speaking Local Guides
  • Max 10 Clients

I have even more locations that I have used for bird photography workshops. If there were more days available, I would run them all, but alas, my time shifting skills are not that good. Please take a look at my custom workshops that may be available upon request.

I am always looking for new and “birdy” spots to photograph our fine feathered friends. Do you have a favorite place or a dream location that you would like to share? Leave me a comment; thank you!