I’ve only been to Yellowstone on 4 different occasions and 2 of those were this year. I’d only seen what someone told me was grizzly bear…it looked like a brown dot on the horizon! This spring, well alleged spring, things were far different for me. I saw grizzlys every day I was in the park and often multiple different bears. I am guessing that I saw bear on 10 occasions and of that 7 were most likely unique bears. Not bad for 4 days!

It was quite a rush to be able to photograph them on a couple of occasions. Of course having a long lens is essential and I was lucky several times to be at the right pull off at the right time to get some images. Still there are a lot of bears. I was surprised that I only saw 1 black bear and that was at a great distance…

You can see all of my bear photography and order prints…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • The largest land mammal in North America
  • In 1800 there were 50,000 bears in the lower 48 states of which there are now 1300
  • Males can be 7ft tall and weigh upwards of 600 lbs
  • 85% of their diet is plant life

It was cool seeing the bears in virtually every part of the park. You can see where I photographed mine on this handy map. Since they are territorial, who knows you might still find them!

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